The Repair Shop BBC1 – February 2021 – Engagement Ring Repair

On this episode, I had the pleasure of repairing a ring with a very unusual story.   Helle’s cherished heirloom engagement ring had been lost, and just when they had given

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The Repair Shop Diamond Wedding Ring Repair

The Repair Shop BBC1 – December 2020 – Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Repair

2nd December 2020 saw series 6 episode 9 of the repair shop be aired, in which Richard takes on a badly damaged wedding band.   The ring was bought to the

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BBC Repair Shop Gold Ring Repair

The Repair Shop BBC1 – December 2019 – Gold Ring Restoration

In this episode I had the pleasure of restoring a 170 year old ring, that had a terrific story!.  It belonged to Paul Weeks’ great Great Grandfather, who emigrated to Australia

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The Repair Shop Brooch Repair

The Repair Shop Episode 9 November 2019 – Repairing a Brooch

On my first episode of series 5 of the repair shop, I had the pleasure of repairing a well loved brooch for sisters Alison & Lorraine from Dundee.  The brooch

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Richard Talman RTFJ on the Repair Shop

The Repair Shop – New Episodes With Richard Talman Coming Soon

I have been fortunate enough to be invited back to ‘the barn’ filming for series 5 of the show.   The popularity of ‘The Repair shop’ has soared since it’s first

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How to care for an engagement ring

How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

People often ask me the best way to care for their engagement ring.  The answer to this is two-fold.  Not only should there be the correct care, but also the

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Moissanite passes diamond tester test

When Is A Diamond Not A Diamond

With diamond prices maintaining a market high for many many years, alternatives to the timeless gemstone have been to enable a similar look for considerably less money. As much as

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Repair Shop Garnet Bracelet

The Repair Shop

On the repair shop, I had the pleasure of repairing a Victorian Garnet bracelet which was given to it’s current owner by her mother.  It was in pieces, having been

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Richard Talman on The Repair Shop

Richard Talman From RTFJ On BBC’s “The Repair Shop”

I am pleased to say I have finally got the date in for the airing of The Repair Shop that I will feature on…  Episode 3 goes out at 6.45pm

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Jewellery remodelling or up-cycling

Jewellery remodelling is the process of taking an existing piece (or pieces) of jewellery and turning it into a new design by using the same metal and stones.  It is

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