Jewellery remodelling or up-cycling

Jewellery remodelling is the process of taking an existing piece (or pieces) of jewellery and turning it into a new design by using the same metal and stones.  It is

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Cheap Diamonds

Buying (cheap) Diamonds on the Internet

We all buy things on the Internet, don’t we?   I would make a guess that absolutely every person reading this has, at some point, found an item they really want

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Rhodium Plating White Gold Jewellery

As we are a workshop, we offer to undertake all services for your jewellery. Be it a clean, a polish or the removal of major/minor dents and scratches, it is

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Jewellery Repairs of Sentimental Jewellery

People are often surprised at how difficult it is to find someone to work on their cherished jewellery.   What needs to be remembered is that the vast majority of jewellery

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Palladium vs Platinum

In the past, a good proportion of men opted out of having a wedding ring.  20 years ago, it was certainly not uncommon to see just the bride have a

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Making Heirloom Jewellery Modern

We have a lot of customers who have inherited jewellery from late grandparents or parents.  Many of these wish to reuse the metal in their own jewellery and this is

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