Bespoke Jewellery FAQ

Below, we try to answer some commonly asked questions.  If you have a question that is not listed, then please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

  • So what exactly is a bespoke piece of jewellery?

    The process of choosing a bespoke piece of jewellery is to have the piece modelled to your exact requirements. Types & colours of metals are chosen by the customer, as is the exact stone or stones you may wish to have in it. The various different methods of setting and styling, the weight and durability are all factors that the customer decides on. The piece will be YOURS. No one else will ever have exactly the same.

  • I have a White Gold ring that has turned yellow over time.  Why is this?

    White gold is made from an alloy of fine gold and other metals, just like yellow gold.  Fine gold is naturally a deep yellow/orange colour.  For yellow gold, it is alloyed with yellow metals and for white gold, white metals.  In the case of 18ct white gold, 75% is fine yellow gold and 25% is white metal.  This produces a white metal with a yellow/brown tinge to it.   Almost all White Gold jewellery is then Rhodium plated to give the white mirror finish, but as with all plating this will wear off over time and require re-plating.  I always inform my customers of this. I can re-rhodium plate rings whether or not they were purchased from me.

  • Is there any jewellery you CAN’T make?

    Regrettably so.  Some items available on the market are designed and manufactured on a massive scale, usually in the far-east where labour is much cheaper and with lesser quality stones and components.  These items are usually offered at lower-end High street stores or on TV shopping channels.  It is with regret that I am unable to offer competitive prices on these style items.

  • I want to buy a Diamond Solitaire engagement ring.  How much should I spend?

    Traditionally, it was said a man should spend one month’s salary on an engagement ring. My advice is you spend what you can happily afford.  An engagement should be the start of a positive time ahead, not the start of a never ending debt.  I can tailor a ring to most budgets within reason.

  • There are no prices on your website.  Why is this?

    The reason there is no indication of prices is that none of the items featured on the gallery pages are actually for sale. They are all images of commissions that I have made for customers, to their requirements and budget.  The prices of commissions differ greatly depending on what metal and quality, size and type of stones are used.  Each enquiry is dealt with and quoted on a one-to-one basis.

  • What else do you do?

    I can provide my customers with any service within the jewellery trade. Alterations of fingers sizes, re-polishing and cleaning, repairing, restoration of antique pieces are all my speciality. I am also able to have worn stones re-polished and missing stones replaced. I am able to advise customers on the sale of their items and arrange to source items they wish to buy. Please contact me with any further questions.

  • I like the idea of a handmade bespoke piece. What do I do from here?

    Contact me via the contact menu of this site. Leave details of a convenient time for me to reply and a brief detail of your request. I will contact you for a no-obligation discussion.

  • I want a bespoke engagement ring made prior to my surprise proposal. Can you help?

    Of course. A surprise proposal with a ring is a fantastic way to ‘pop the question’. There are many ways to go about doing this to ensure the correct ring is produced. Any ring can be discussed, ordered, made and delivered in the strictest of confidence to ensure your surprise remains that way. I have helped many customers do this. Please contact me for further information.

  • How does the jewellery you provide differ from those of high street stores?

    This is very simple. Many pieces on the market today, especially those in high street chains, use pre-manufactured rings that have been produced using a process called ‘casting’. This is where a ‘pattern or model’ is made originally and then reproduced identically 1000’s of times. The result is a cheaper item but one that many, many other people will own the exact copy. This will never happen with a bespoke piece. It is very easy to spot the difference between a casting and a handmade piece.

  • Our wedding rings are now over 40 years old and have worn very thin. Can they be melted and used in part of the materials of new rings?

    Yes. Most precious metals are suitable to be melted down and reused.