The Repair Shop BBC1 – February 2021 – Engagement Ring Repair

On this episode, I had the pleasure of repairing a ring with a very unusual story.   Helle’s cherished heirloom engagement ring had been lost, and just when they had given

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The Repair Shop Diamond Wedding Ring Repair

The Repair Shop BBC1 – December 2020 – Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Repair

2nd December 2020 saw series 6 episode 9 of the repair shop be aired, in which Richard takes on a badly damaged wedding band.   The ring was bought to the

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BBC Repair Shop Gold Ring Repair

The Repair Shop BBC1 – December 2019 – Gold Ring Restoration

In this episode I had the pleasure of restoring a 170 year old ring, that had a terrific story!.  It belonged to Paul Weeks’ great Great Grandfather, who emigrated to Australia

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