The Repair Shop Brooch Repair

The Repair Shop Episode 9 November 2019 – Repairing a Brooch

On my first episode of series 5 of the repair shop, I had the pleasure of repairing a well loved brooch for sisters Alison & Lorraine from Dundee.  The brooch was exceptionally sentimental to the ladies as the brooch was once their grandmothers and was borrowed by their mother to wear on the night she met their father.  The brooch had been broken for 40 years until its repair this year.

Being made from hollow gold, I had to make a ‘splint’ to restore the structure, and make a new pin and hinge.  I was delighted with the results, as were Alison & Lorraine

If you missed this episode of the repair shop it is currently available to see on BBC iPlayer.

If you have a sentimental piece of jewellery that you would like repaired, please contact Richard on 01444 471380 or by filling in the form below:

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Brooch Repair from the Repair Shop

Brooch Repair Hollow Gold
Brooch Repair - The Repair Shop
The Repair Shop Brooch Repair
Gold Brooch Repair
Sentimental Jewellery Repair
Sentimental Brooch Repair
Repairing a Gold Brooch
Episode 9 The Repair Shop Brooch Repair
The repair Shop with Richard Talman
Sentimental Gold Brooch The Repair Shop


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