Richard Talman on The Repair Shop

Richard Talman From RTFJ On BBC’s “The Repair Shop”

I am pleased to say I have finally got the date in for the airing of The Repair Shop that I will feature on…  Episode 3 goes out at 6.45pm on Wednesday 15th August.

The opportunity started last September when I was contacted by researchers for the show, who were keen to have me taking part and mending an extremely sentimental piece of jewellery.   This involved transferring a good part of my tools and equipment to an ancient barn, filmed on location at the Weald & Downland Museum, near Chichester.  The experience was incredible, meeting the other experts and witnessing them, too, restoring cherished heirlooms all under one roof.  The process was fairly nerve-wracking!  To be out of your own familiar place of work is one thing, but to then have cameras recording your every move was quite different.

I was so pleased when it was my turn to present the repaired item back to its owner, and see her delight…  I have always enjoyed the process of repairing jewellery.  When something is so sentimental to someone, making something new to replace it is never going to hold the same feelings…

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