Last year, I consulted Richard about resetting a 2.15 carat diamond engagement ring, a 1.15 carat diamond necklace, plus an 11 carat diamond tennis bracelet. These pieces of jewellery had been gathering dust in my safe for over 10 years. I did not know exactly what I wanted with regards the ring, but I knew exactly what I didn’t. I didn’t want a ring that looked like an engagement ring!!

When I visited Richard at his workshop, he spent a great deal of time talking to me about what I had in mind, the style of jewellery I liked and when I would want to wear these pieces. To cut a long story short, he designed an individual setting  for me that is absolutely stunning (and looks nothing like an engagement ring!). He also designed a setting for the diamond necklace that suited the ring. Both pieces were reset in platinum.

The tennis bracelet was a little more complex. The cost to have it reset in platinum was prohibitive and so he suggested coating the gold in an platinum like substance that can be taken off and will not devalue the piece.

When I collected my jewellery, the results exceeded all expectations. Richard also valued the items for me and I had a more than pleasant surprise.

I have no hesitation urging you to take any jewellery you are not wearing for him to look at and having it reworked. He is a true craftsman.


Thank you for your interest in our services. Please be aware that, due to high demand, the following AVERAGE lead times apply to our services:

RING SIZINGS: 1 - 3 weeks
BASIC REPAIRS: 1 - 3 weeks
COMPLEX REPAIRS: 4 - 6 weeks
RESTORATIONS: 2 - 4 months
WEDDING BANDS : Up to 5 months
BESPOKE COMMISSIONS: 8 months - 1 year

These lead-times are for guidance only. Actual lead times are subject to complexity of the job and current workloads. Thank you for your patience and understanding