Eternity Ring London – Richard George

I commissioned Richard Talman to design an eternity ring for my wife for our 5th wedding anniversary. He gave expert advice about the ring design and was very receptive to what I wanted. He brought a selection of diamonds and sapphires so that I could see them and checked I was happy with the formation, size, colour etc and then did the work at very short notice. I was delighted by the final result as was my wife who loves the ring. I was very impressed by his enthusiasm, attention to detail and workmanship and he clearly takes great pride in his work. I would not hesitate to recommend him and will definitely ask him to do more for me in the future.


We are most fortunate to currently have high demand for our bespoke services. As a result, we are no longer accepting consultation requests & orders for items with deadlines in 2023. If your request is not so time sensitive , please fill in the forms and we will be back to you with appropriate booking links for 2024. Thank you so much in advance for your understanding.