Bespoke Ring Andalucia, Spain – Anne Viccars

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Richard Talman by a friend whilst visiting the UK. I had recently lost my husband and wanted to combine 3 very important rings to me into one ring to bring all the memories together. I found Richard to be very respectful, kind and helpful in designing a ring to give me the joy that the original rings had inspired. I have waited with some trepidation whilst he performed his magic and yesterday received the finished ring. I am pleased to say the ring is beautiful, elegant and the design aspects suggested by Richard have given the exact effect I had dreamt of. He kept me well informed whilst making the ring sending me emails showing the combining of the gold to assure me that this big step of resetting the symbols of our life together were truly respected. Today I know my husband would have been as pleased with the wonderful result as I am, the craftsmanship and care shown to me by Richard has made my new ring the symbol of all our happy time, and for that I thank him and would recommend his talent to all.


We are most fortunate to currently have high demand for our bespoke services. As a result, we are no longer accepting consultation requests & orders for items with deadlines in 2023. If your request is not so time sensitive , please fill in the forms and we will be back to you with appropriate booking links for 2024. Thank you so much in advance for your understanding.