Cheap Diamonds

Buying (cheap) Diamonds on the Internet

We all buy things on the Internet, don’t we?   I would make a guess that absolutely every person reading this has, at some point, found an item they really want and looked for it cheaper on the net.  I know I certainly have!   And generally there is nothing wrong with that, especially if we are buying something branded.   An item as such is going to be exactly the same whether you buy it in store on the high street or online.  It’s not really a risk, especially if it’s got a no-quibble returns policy.

So what about buying diamonds on the net?  Well I can tell you it’s very popular. But unfortunately, there are more pitfalls than you can imagine.

A quick Google search for ‘bargain diamonds’ , ‘cheapest diamonds’ or another similar term will return  an infinite amount of companies offering to sell  you diamonds cheaper than  your local jeweller.   And it’s quite  likely to be true.  But what needs to be remembered here is that diamonds, or any other gemstone, are not manufactured to an exacting standard.  They are mined, and we, as consumers, can only buy what’s available that’s come out the ground.   Diamonds are graded after cutting.  When you see the letters D – Z on a diamond’s grading certificate this is referring to it’s colour.  D is perfect white or colourless. There is nothing better.  Seeing the letters VS1 or SI2 refers to the clarity of the diamond.  The best is FL (flawless) followed by IF (internally flawless) then runs down through the levels of VVS, VS, SI, I & P.  So you may see a diamond on the internet with a grade like E colour , VS2 clarity and know full well that is a good stone.  The colour will be pure, and the inclusions totally invisible to the naked eye.  And look, its £200 cheaper than my local jeweller has quoted me.  I should buy that, yeah?   No.  It’s really not that simple.

Colour and Clarity are, indeed, very important factors to consider when buying a diamond.  But they are not the only ones.  You must look further in to the Characteristics of the stone.  And this is where the web sellers can leave you a bit in the dark.  You see, characteristics also involves the Cut, Polish & Symmetry of the stone.  And these are crucial.   You could have D colour stone, with FL clarity, but unless the stone has Excellent or very good symmetry, it really isn’t going to sparkle. The symmetry and cut of the diamond is what gives the diamond the sparkle.  Not the colour or clarity. Then there is Florescence. Something else you don’t want in your diamond.

In short, it really is a gamble when you are buying on the Internet.  You are buying an item of which it’s only purpose is to look good.  And you are going to buy that without seeing it?   I have heard lot’s of responses to my warnings on buying stones on the internet.   “Well there was a photo of it and it looks good”  – Yes. Photoshop is pretty good these days.  “ They offer a money back guarantee if you send it back to them”  – indeed they may,  but as the consumer YOU are responsible for the insurance and carriage for it’s return, usually to the USA or other countries abroad.  Try finding  a courier who will insure your diamond for this journey!

At RTFJ we offer all our customers the opportunity to view diamonds as loose stones before they make their selections. Totally risk free, and without parting with a penny.  Or having a few weeks anxiety whilst the returned diamond makes it way back to the supplier and you are refunded. We allow you the opportunity to compare loose diamonds in the comfort and privacy of our studio during a private consultation.    The only way to make the selection of what is most likely to be your 3rd biggest purchase after a home and car.

By all means check out these prices on the internet.  But remember that carriage and VAT is rarely added on initial price.  If it’s coming from overseas then yes, you may be able to get away with VAT.  But that’s only if HM Customs  don’t get to it first.  Then you have to pay the import duty .

All in all, yes, you may save a few pounds.  But  whether it’s worth it or not is your call.  Why not just give us a try.  Let us show you what we can get you.   Our relationship with our diamond suppliers has been founded for over 20 years.  They wouldn’t buy a stone they couldn’t sell and they wouldn’t supply us a stone to show our customers that are not worthy of the ‘flawless’ reputation that RTFJ has earned amongst it’s clients both new and returning.

We look forward to showing you the perfect diamonds, or gemstones for your perfect jewellery for your loved one.  That’s something we  guarantee.  Without taking your money first.

Call us on 01444 471380 or contact us via our contact form to buy quality diamonds at a good price.




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